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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Winter to Summer.

I am so sick of winter now, I say this every year about this time after christmas. I think this is mainly because christmas is over and we look forward to the new seasons clothing, as much as i have loved the cape coats, aviator jackets, oversized blazers and furs of the winter I think its time to shed these layers and welcome in shorts and vests back to our lives once more. One thing i have loved about winter, which im sure il continue to use throughout next year is my Topshop cape coat, fur collar, leather seams, and yet still warm! I have not been without it this winter. 
Topshop cape coat- made my winter TOASTY!

I for one cannot wait for festival fashions, lighter colouring and sun glasses!
So what to decide? A pair of classic aviators? or go for the oversized look? Personally I prefer the oversized really exaggerated feel, but there are so many choices and styles around now and for affordable prices it means theres more chance to try out different styles..

I study Fashion buying, one of our projects recently was to make an outfit for spring summer 2011. Pattern cutting is not my strong point and i wont lie the long hours spent sat at a sewing machine is far from glamorous! However i was fairly pleased with the over all outcome- I made a crop with easy shorts. I think if i was making these again i would definitely do high waisted shorts as i think they'd be slightly more flattering with the crop. Whilst im here, big shout out to my friend liv for modeling the piece! 


  1. that's impressive that you made those wow!
    and i'm liking the oversized sunglasses, myself. x

  2. Thanks! :) it was such a relief when it was over haha! Im following you now :) follow back? x

  3. Likewise would very much like to welcome the new season any time from now.
    My cape has been sooo good to me.