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Saturday, 5 February 2011

90210 girls

I absolutely love this show, it makes me feel all summery looking at the girls in their outfits, their style is great and i love their hair aswell!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Graffiti Nails...

So Ive just tried out the new Barrym nail varnish that peels off to look a bit like graffiti, i must say it looks very different. I wasn't too sure about it at first but now i love it. The only downside is that it makes your nails feels quite rough so its probably best to coat it with clear varnish after! 
Nail varnish - Barrym
 Ive decided to wear a blazer today, because i always feel smarter with one on! This one was such a steal from primark! Ive seen some lovely ones in h&m recently with suede patches on the elbows- so cute. The only problem i have with some is that they can be quite stiff and uncomfy.. luckily this one is made from a soft material! What bargains have you found recently?

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Todays little shop...

I thought id treat myself today as ive been looking for a pair of amazing wedges for aaages and these are exactly what i was after!! I think they will go great with a lovely pair of nude high waisted shorts!  I also bought myself some protective spray (i straighten my hair wayyy too much and thought it was time to give something back!) I need to start drinking more water too so i bought some volvic flavoured strawberry yum, oh and a cheeky vogue for when i get a bit bored!

Awesome blog award!!

I was just tagged in the awesome blog award by the lovely Promise 
 Im hoping people like what i write and post!! :)
 Check out her blog if you love great outfit posts and fashion updates! Ive chosen 3 blogs below, if you love technology and apple check out jack and if you love fashion and music check out the other two! 

The rules for accepting this award:
1) Post about the award, and copy the rules
2) Link to the person who gave you the award
3) Choose 3 - 5 blogs that you would like to give the award to, and link to them
4) Leave a comment on their blog to let them know

The award is for unknown and new blogs and my three chosen ones are:
1. Jack

The blues..

Blue shirt H&M, Shorts, Topshop
Today im wearing my topshop highwaisted shorts and a blue h&m shirt, Ive never really been too sure about wearing these colour together - blue and black. However i think on this occasion its ok because the blue is so light. Ive seen a lot of shirts around at the minute and i am a big fan so i think il be buying a few more for my wardrobe!! I finally got my eyebrows sorted out yesterday (they were definitely overdue) I feel so much better and i think it really opens out your eyes, their so important so people if your reading make sure you dont over pluck!! (my gran did this and now she draws hers on)

What do you think of the lipstick?? Ive decided to try it out its quite a bright pink but i always wear red so i fancied a change!! Also im trying to grow my hair but it seems to only be growing to a certain length.. any tips or products that might help?? Hello to any new followers :) and thanks for following! il try and keep it interesting for you all, and to people reading, if you like it, follow :)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Cardigan - Topshop, Jumper, Primark, Skirt H&M, belt, vintage

I absolutely love layering, i think it immediately makes your outfit a whole lot interesting and finding things that work well together is always such a boost. I bought this cardigan from Topshop at the start of winter and have pretty much lived in it! Plus im a massive fan of these body-con skirts from H&M, at 3 pounds.. such a steal!

Sorry for the pictures, i have managed to leave my usb camera connector at home which means im stuck using photo booth on mac for a while!! 
I love this vintage belt, its just a bit different and it makes my outfit look a bit more interesting than it actually is! Im pairing it with an oversized handbag and my feragamo bow pumps :) 

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Today im wearing..

Topshop Eyelashes, Italian belt, Miss selfridge cardigan and Topshop dress.

I love this belt and its been a while since ive worn it - because its been buried deep in my wardrobe at home!! I know they say never wear black and brown but i think if its matched with a pastel cardigan it works and sometimes its a nice contrast! 

17 mushroom and smoke signal

I bought myself some new nail-varnish yesterday and thought id try out a different way of doing the french manicure! I love the mushroom colour and think it just looks a bit different!

Ferragomo bow pumps.