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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Home comforts

I absolutely love being home, there's just something about your own bed. Although dont get me wrong i love my uni house, but theres always something about home!
I think one of the best things, is finding old clothes, bags and jewelry that you left behind - its like its brand new again!
Today i found my old ferragamo bow pumps, jaeger scarves and a mix of lovely Italian belts that i had completely forgotten about!
I will be posting the photos tomorrow as soon as the internet allows me to (one down side to home the internet is awful so sorry for the lack of posting! )
My gramps 90th birthday tomorrow, so were throwing him a big party, outfits and photos to follow for sure!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Jeans - Vera Moda, Jumper - Primark
Today I was feeling very casual, we all have those days where we dont want to dress up properly and feel like slobbing out - or i definitely do! I had one of those days that started out reallyy lazy and then was rushing around til the evening! I did a bit of a tidy of all my make up - I always bring too much to uni and then add to it all the time but hey, you can never have too many foundations!
I cannot get enough of mac foundation - I am in desp need of some more as im running out! I loved their little tartan collection over christmas too as im easily bought in by fancy packaging (who isnt) The only thing is its killing my purse. does anyone have any suggestions for other foundations that will be kinder to my purse but still great for my skin?!!
Dior eyeshadow, Black XS perfume, Sephora primer, Topshop skin glow, Mac foundation

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Ball and chain..

Print top H&M, gold necklace topshop

Gold chain from Topshop
This was my outfit today, I have to say I love wearing a gold chain - it can really make an outfit. I love the trousers (From topshop) however they tend to crease all the time as soon as i sit down! which is really frustrating. I am feeling another shopping spree coming along soon! Im looking for items that will continue to look good through to spring and summer.. Im after some amazing camel wedges next, any suggestions where i can get some from??
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Monday, 24 January 2011


I absolutely LOVE rihanna right now, her new album is amazing! I love her fashion taste and i think she is so strong - plus so jel that her ex is drake, cos hes "fiiiine like a ticket on a dash!" haha.

Hard Focus..

Loving trousers at the moment...

Ive been doing my research and Tailored trousers  are coming back in for spring 2011. I never was a huge fan of trousers, preffering to stick to tights with skirts or shorts or leggings, however i recently bought a pair of topshops trousers and really love them, so I think il be investing in a pair for Spring! 
Not a great photo- trousers from Topshop, Blazer primark and Tee, Topshop

Lovin a bit of deep red lipstick...