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Monday, 28 May 2012

We are Young

Hey guys :) I just thought Id upload some pictures of items ive got recently! Apologies of the lack of outfit posts recently, ive moved back home and its a little harder to set up full length photos! Has everyone been out enjoying this lovely weather??? I wake up in such a good mood when its sunny Ive realised! 

Elle, Office Sandals, Benefit new foundation, That Gal primer

Natural look

John Freida frizz ease, heat protection. Skin glow, Estee Lauder and MAC bronzers.

So recently I have been wearing less makeup as there is nothing worse than going out in the sun and your whole face melting off! I recently went to Benefit and had a makeover, I have to say I was really impressed and even bought a few products. I bought the new liquid foundation, which i find is so nice on my face as it hydrates at the same time and you can build it up for thicker coverage. 

I got these new sandals from Office for the summer! They arent my usual style- im a go big or go home kinda girl, but these really caught my eye for everyday wear! I also love the colour as im sooo into the pastel look at the moment. What do you think?? 

Enjoy the sunshine xoxo Kate 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Summer wishes

Hello everyone, Apologies for the lack of posts recently! Ive been very busy with job applications etc. 

I just thought I would do a little post on my list of summer wishes, Im really hoping this weather sticks around for a bit longer! Everything is so much nicer in the sunshine! 

Mulberry French Purse
Zara - studded heel shoes

Diana Camera

As you can see keeping it all light! This dress from Zara would look perfect with these heels and a lovely tan!! As I keep saying, im so in love with the summer range at Zara! Its so summery, pastels, brights, light fabrics and amazing accessories. I love this little Diana Camera, which you can get from Urban Outfitters! Im going to get one to capture holidays and festivals over the summer! 

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Idol Inspiration

I am absolutely obsessed with the olsen sisters- all of them! Such beautiful and effortless style all the time! I  took inspiration from them and bought these crazy glasses last year.. I dont think ive ever worn them out yet! 

Friday, 23 March 2012

Spring forward

So looking forward to the clocks going forward, I am loving the lighter evenings already and cant wait for the summer! My favorite season is definitely the summer. BBQ's, Ice creams, Henley regatta (for those of you who know of it), sunglasses and bikinis.




Monday, 19 March 2012

Count your rainbows, not your rain clouds

These are just a few images of what ive been upto recently in the life of a final year fashion buying student! As you can see its all very interesting (NAT) but its to be expected. Im on the look out for the perfect graduation dress, which can be worn for interviews and smart occasions aswell. Has anyone seen any types of dresses around? 


A little jewlerry collar I saw and fell in love with. rings with chains. a skirt im working on and currently detest! Before a night out. Makeup artist with model.
The set for the shoot. The shoot. 

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Bad Hair Day

Hey guys, been a busy time so far as I always talk about recently! Looking forward to some exciting changes in the summer! Speaking of - I literally cannot wait for the sun to come out, im getting fed up up of wearing winter boots and furs! (as much as ive loved wearing them) 
I decided to do a post to do on my hair, at the moment I just cant decide what to do with it! Long, short, up, down- I want a bigger change! I feel like dying it but im not sure on the colour I would go.. any suggestions for a blonde gal? 

Havent had a very good day today! Had to work from home as my car was getting fixed and this tends to end up with me getting distracted by things! Oh well, tomorrow is a new day :) 

Kate xox

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Wearing furs like its snowing in the south...

Today it was cold again and there is still slushy snow around so I figured fur was still needed (any excuse!) I wanted to try out these glasses (got them for 50p ha!) and just see what they look like with stuff. I do love a good bargain. Recently been looking at lots of interior design blogs and getting ideas on decorating, feeling to redo my room at home! 
This is just an outfit I wore the other day ................

Dress - H&M
Belt- Primark
Sunnies- Primark

Fur- Topshop

Chelsea boots- Topshop
Sorry for the dodge quality photos! 

Kate xox

Sunday, 5 February 2012

'Might of been a time where you loved her too'

I have been an awful blogger recently! Ive become a lodger in the library/sewing room/buried in a pile of books for the past god knows how long - life of a final year- I went on a little splurge a few days ago and bought my self some new clothes and bits! 
Yankee candles in black cherry and vanilla lime - MMMMM

Little fashion postcards

Sunglasses (bit enthusiastic but at 50p it was needed) Primark
Rings - set of 3, Topshop

Topshop moisture lipstick in Nevada

Topshop nail polish in gypsy night

Tangle teaser and dry shampoo
I love all of these and it was a bit naughty! The tangle teaser and the dry shampoo are my best buys, it smells amaziiiing and the teaser feels so nice to use. I hadnt really heard of them until now! you can get them here >> or in any boots stores.
Recently I have become obsessed with scented candles, getting to the point where my house smells of a different one everyday. Sunglasses. Before anyone says it, yes I know it is February. and snowing outside. But they were 50p.. 
Hope you all had a good weekend! 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Christmas break

This is definitely a bit late but I figure better late than never! Heres a few bits that I was lucky enough to get for christmas :)  What did you all get?

Body shop tea tree toner, scrub. Bobbi brown foundation and lipstick, Benefit makeup

Little coaster

Bobbi brown lipstick

Topshop shoes

Mulberry bag

I love all the things I got given and feel very lucky! Will be doing some outfit posts shortly. I highly recommend the body shop tea tree collection it makes my face feel really clean and fresh.