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Sunday, 5 February 2012

'Might of been a time where you loved her too'

I have been an awful blogger recently! Ive become a lodger in the library/sewing room/buried in a pile of books for the past god knows how long - life of a final year- I went on a little splurge a few days ago and bought my self some new clothes and bits! 
Yankee candles in black cherry and vanilla lime - MMMMM

Little fashion postcards

Sunglasses (bit enthusiastic but at 50p it was needed) Primark
Rings - set of 3, Topshop

Topshop moisture lipstick in Nevada

Topshop nail polish in gypsy night

Tangle teaser and dry shampoo
I love all of these and it was a bit naughty! The tangle teaser and the dry shampoo are my best buys, it smells amaziiiing and the teaser feels so nice to use. I hadnt really heard of them until now! you can get them here >> or in any boots stores.
Recently I have become obsessed with scented candles, getting to the point where my house smells of a different one everyday. Sunglasses. Before anyone says it, yes I know it is February. and snowing outside. But they were 50p.. 
Hope you all had a good weekend! 


  1. Great products, I love Yankee candles, your nails look great :) i hope you will follow my blog