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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Bad Hair Day

Hey guys, been a busy time so far as I always talk about recently! Looking forward to some exciting changes in the summer! Speaking of - I literally cannot wait for the sun to come out, im getting fed up up of wearing winter boots and furs! (as much as ive loved wearing them) 
I decided to do a post to do on my hair, at the moment I just cant decide what to do with it! Long, short, up, down- I want a bigger change! I feel like dying it but im not sure on the colour I would go.. any suggestions for a blonde gal? 

Havent had a very good day today! Had to work from home as my car was getting fixed and this tends to end up with me getting distracted by things! Oh well, tomorrow is a new day :) 

Kate xox


  1. i love your hair!

    1. thanks! :) Im getting bored of it haha. Love your blog, new follower :) xx

  2. It looks really good whatever you do with it, I love the bun, really suits you :)

    I know what you mean though, I get into such a rut with my hair and get bored so easily.

    lovely blog :)

    1. I think thats my problem! Im just easily bored with it, if i cut it short I want it long, and if ive got it longer I want it short haha. thanks for the follow! Followed you back :) xxxx