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Sunday, 17 February 2013

My First London Fashion Week..

I was lucky enough this year to be invited to the fabulous John Rocha show with work. I have never been to London Fashion Week before and so I was abit nervous over what to wear! I read as many blogs as possible and was glued to my instagram beforehand!

Papped these two! haha
Say Cheese!

I had a lovely time, the Rocha show was beautiful and he didnt disappoint with his mix of textures and volumes. The whole atmosphere at Somerset house is as exciting as the shows, with such a range of people each with their own styles. It was hard not be inspired.

Id lastly like to add that I apologise for the lack of posting, Ive had a very busy couple of months but.. Im back! And also, im now on instagram! So feel free to check out: pets34


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