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Monday, 7 February 2011

burnt amber..

I recently bought this jumper in the topshop sale (id been after it for a while and then it suddenly hit the sales racks- always such a good feeling) I just love the colour of it! ive seen quite alot of this colour around at the moment and its kind of rusty, i also love the fact that its quite thin! I bought these hareem style trousers, with a paperbag top and bow tie waist, i love them and i think its always nice to wear some trousers instead of jeans or a skirt.

Also i now have VIP front row seats at london fashion weekend!! Im soooo excited, il definately be taking loads of photos and putting them on here, so watch this space pals! Who else is going??
today has been quite crazy really, my blackberrys been broken for a while so it was great to get that fixed today and then i just focussed on university work for the rest of the day! hope you all had good days! xx


  1. Loving this look..x

  2. Insanely jealous of your tickets!

  3. Ahh, its from the vodafone competition thing! :)
    checked out your blog, love it!

    thanks promise!! :) xxx

  4. thnx for the comment! They are both from the H&M

    xx Maame

  5. im thinking of getting tickets for it.. what day r u going ? xx

  6. ive got tickets for sunday! :) i went a few years ago and it was great deffo recommend it ! xx

  7. hey ..sorry for the late reply.. i think ill go, sounds really good, might see u there :) xx