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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Weekend Wonders

So I have to say ive never been so glad for the weekend! The past week has been crazy busy with work and it hasn't stopped coming! I even feel naughty for not doing work on the weekend! Im sure most of you have had insane weeks too!
Red lipstick, smoky eyes.
I went to see russell howard! I can honestly say ive never laughed so much in my liife i definitely recommend for any comedian fans out there. I also went shopping today and found quite a few things i want! Im looking into getting bumble and bumble shampoo and conditioner for my hair, has anyone tried this??
New shoes, Primark

I found these lovely little heels (their not my normal style) I normally go for quite high and plain but these cute little crotchet heels caught my eye i think they look really different and their not too high so i can wear them everyday to uni! Hope everyone has had a good weekend, thanks for following! :) xx


  1. I love those Primark boots! I haven't seen them in yet! The lipstick costs £10 - quite pricey! I wouldn't have paid that if I hadn't been using my Boots points.

  2. Thankyouuu :) their really cute! x

  3. Oh I wish I could see him! My boyfriend loves him :) And cute shoes! Cannot believe they are Primark! Come reply on my <3

  4. Love those heels, super cute! And bumble and bumble is my fav! :)

  5. I love the booties so0o0o0o cute!!!! For sure a shoe I myself could also see wearing every day!!!

  6. LOVE those boots!!! im going to have to hunt them down i think! lol

    Let us know if the shampoo and conditioner works, because im trying to restore my hair!! lol

    great blog