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Monday, 7 March 2011

Fringe frolics

So im off for the chop on saturday and after looking through some hair styles I really want a fringe back... Im a bit hesitant because they take ages to go grow out if you get annoyed with them but have a look and see if you get the same idea i did!

so what do you think? I really like the middle one and ive got similar hair colour, id like quite a long choppy fringe?


  1. I used to have fringe too, but when it is too long, it will make your eyes a little bit uncomfortable. But it's still bearable. :)

    dejoiss ♥

  2. yey, the middle one is nice, go on girl! do it :)

  3. I wish I looked good in a fringe, the middle one is definitely my favourite though :)