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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Today im wearing...

Hey guys its been a while since ive done an outfit post- being ill and having lots of work to do sucks! Thought id work from home today which was a mistake as there are so many distractions!

Top primark, shorts, Topshop, heart print tights, Topshop

I thought id show you whats normally in my bag! I carry quite a bit but the bags big so its ok! I always have my ipod, hairbrush, and spray in shampoo just incase! I also think its a good idea if you have a small bottle of perfume you can have handy! These cute leopard print gloves were a gift from my friend for christmas and i LOVE them.


  1. I wanted to get that top and the nude it came in, but couldn't find it anymore...x

  2. Ahh those shorts are beautiful and they look great with that top :)

    I always feel like I need to start carrying around more when I read what other people have in their bags, ahaha. I literally have my mobile, iPod, purse, lip balm and nothing else!

  3. You look really cute.... great outfit